Pichu – Bronze Winged Pionus Parrot

Pichu hatched in July 2023 and came to live at AiM in January 2024. She is intelligent and sweet natured, but can also be cheeky and get up to mischief. She is good fun to be around and many of our clients have been clicker training to develop her recall.

This is essential for Pichu longer term, as we are ambitious to one day have her so well trained and confident, that we can go ‘free flying’. Free flying is important to us, as we do not believe in caging birds and allowing them to access outside space.

In our preparations for this, Pichu free flies in our therapy room, most of the day. She has her cage as a ‘safe space’ and noticeably she likes to sleep in one corner of her cage, but in the day time, she has toys and play areas spread out across the room to access at her leisure. 

Scientific Name: Pionus chalcopterus

Class: Bird

Origin: Mexico and Southern and Central America

Diet: Fruits, seeds and vegetables

Lifespan: 25-40 years

How rude!

Pionus parrots are named after the word fat, which whilst it sounds rude, ‘Pion’ is Ancient Greek for fat and their name was given to them by German naturalist Johan Georg Wagler as they are short and stumpy parrots.

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