Gingerbread and Dinozzo

Gingerbread is a domestic rabbit who came to live with us in April 2023 from the RSPCA as an unwanted rabbit.

Dinozzo is a Dutch rabbit and he came from the RSPCA also in 2020 at the age of five, after being handed over by his owner who could no longer look after him.

Dinozzo and Gingerbread have recently been bonded as ‘husbun and wife’, they live in each other’s company happily.

Scientific Name: Oryctolagus cuniculus
Class: Mammal

Diet: Herbivores, eats many types of greens and garden weeds such as dandelion and plantain. Rabbits also need a lot of hay to keep their tummies and teeth healthy.

Lifespan: 5-8 years

Interesting Fact: Rabbits are highly social and usually need the companionship of another rabbit for their mental health.

Too Many Carrots?

One of the world’s best-known rabbits is the Warner Bros cartoon character, Bugs Bunny — who’s often seen munching on a carrot!

In fact, carrots aren’t a natural part of a rabbit’s diet and can give bunnies an upset stomach if they eat too many.

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