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Animals in Mind© recognises the importance of children, young people and adults at risk having a record of their achievements and activities whilst they are with us.

Still and moving images (pictures, films, videos) are part of this record and we have a section within our safeguarding policy providing guidance on the taking, storing and further use of images. This guidance includes the need for:

  • an explanation of the difference between a private and public event
  • consent for individuals to have their photographs taken or appear on film.
  • the registration of any person with permission to take photographs/videos within our organisation’s activities.

This form is written within the provisions of the UK Data Protection Act and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR)

Animals in Mind’s safeguarding policy is available to all stakeholders, this includes funding agencies, clients and where applicable, parents, care givers, insurance agencies and others who have a vested interest in our services. We undertake to explain:

  • to children, young people, adults at risk, their parent, and carers why caution is necessary.
  • the purpose of the photograph or film being made and its use outside of personal records.
  • the expected personal details use if used outside personal records.
  • the conditions and boundaries required by any nominated photographer which includes:
  • the purpose, and timing of the photography and filming
  • the place where photographs and filming will take place i.e. openly and away from changing areas and toilets.
  • ensuring the suitability of clothing e.g. swimsuits,
  • the storage of all photographs and film
  • the signing by the photographer and or film maker the organisation’s detailed registration form

A copy of the registration form is available to see on request.

Forms will be stored in a locked cabinet and only accessed by organisers of activities or relevant managers. When no longer required, they will be disposed of.

This consent form applies to all still and moving images regarless of media for children and young people under 16 years of age

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